Bourbon Bit Energy was formed to help operators, non-operators, and mineral owners to maximize their value. The energy industry for too long has struggled to be cost effective and generate profits. We aim to change that through our available services.

Our values

Doing what's right and being honest in everything we do with our clients and employees
Performing our best and constantly improving will allow us to become the premier energy engineering firm to our clients
We unlock value by innovating and learning from our successes and failures.
We are only successful by making sure we do right by our clients and stakeholders.

Why choose us?

Experienced Team
Our team of engineers and professionals have managed energy assets from cradle to grave with an emphasis on maximizing value and reducing risk.
Disciplined Approach
We pride ourselves on maximizing value for our clients by staying on track toward their deliverables.
Partner to Operators
We understand what drives returns and generates cash flow, because we invest in operated and non-operated energy assets ourselves.

How can we help?