Optimize Your Assets in the New Year

Richard Hopper

Start 2023 by optimizing your production base. But what are the best ways to optimize your wells? Here are the 4 most common areas we see opportunities to increase production and / or reduce costs:

1. Chemical Usage – Are you using the right chemicals at the right concentrations? We have experience with several chemical companies and labs to test various products and find what works best for the money. This has the potential to reduce costs AND increase production.

2. Artificial Lift – Are you using the correct artificial lift for the wells conditions? Can you reduce fuel usage and run more efficiently? We can work with you to optimize stroke length, SPM on pumping units, plunger types and plunger settings on plunger lift, frequency on ESP, etc.

3. Facility Optimization – Are you properly separating your oil and water? Are you capturing all your gas and sending to sales? Can you reduce separator pressure and allow for additional inflow to the well? Are your control valves set correctly and optimizing gas usage?

4. Restriction Elimination – Many wellheads have smaller control valves or too many 90 degree turns. On highly productive wells, these restrictions can create excess pressure drop and result in decreased production. How much additional production can you achieve by removing these restrictions?

In what other areas do you find potential to increase production and / or reduce expenses?

Contact the Bourbon Bit Energy team today if you want us to help optimize your assets to generate more cash flow.

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