Emeka Ndefo is a Senior Engineer at Bourbon Bit Energy. Emeka oversees our reservoir engineering projects from start to finish. Emeka also leads our international operations and business development. Emeka is also a Managing Partner at Lucky Lad Energy and Walterson Energy.

Emeka is a Reservoir Engineer Advisor with over 15 years of experience in reservoir surveillance and management, well workovers and intervention, production operations, surface facilities work, reservoir and project management.

Emeka worked as a Reservoir Engineering Adviser with Flotek Industries and as a Senior Reservoir Engineer with Occidental Petroleum and Chevron Corporation. As Reservoir Engineer at Oxy, Emeka managed over 6 different waterflood and CO2 EOR assets with production exceeding 4,500 BOEPD, and was responsible for numerous production optimization projects, Enhanced Oil Recovery & waterflood optimization.

Emeka has very extensive exposure to Conventional and Unconventional reservoirs, Enhanced Oil Recovery using CO2 and Nano-surfactants. Emeka has a solid background in transitioning waterfloods to CO2 floods or Chemical/surfactant enhanced oil recovery.

Emeka holds an executive MBA degree from the University of Houston with an emphasis in Global Energy which has helped him to better understand the role of day-to-day engineering to the broader economic goals of organizations and the know-how for driving for success using individual, group and organizational synergies.

  • Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering - Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria
  • Master of Science, Petroleum Engineering - University of Houston
  • Executive MBA, Global Energy - University of Houston